Hiring! Licensed P&C Insurance Agent

JOIN-OUR-TEAMKeslar Insurance Agency, a rapidly growing independent insurance agency located in Newmarket, NH, has immediate opportunities for a motivated licensed P&C producer to join our team! We seek an energetic professional interested in helping our business grow through value-based conversations and remarkable customer experience. If you are a motivated self-starter who thrives in a fast-paced environment, then this is your opportunity for a rewarding career with excellent income and growth potential.

Keslar Insurance Agency will support you by offering:

  • An hourly salary plus a highly competitive commission based compensation plan for uncapped earning potential. You control your ability to earn.
  • Flexible schedule and great company culture. Will consider candidates looking for Flexible hours.
  • Relationships with major National and regional insurance carriers, all highly rated and respected.
  • Leads/networking opportunities available.
  • Will provide product and technology training.
  • All equipment necessary is provided (phones, computers, databases etc.).
  • Exclusive recognition programs for top performers.
  • Growth potential/Opportunity for advancement within the office.


  • Develop leads, schedule appointments, identify customer needs, and market appropriate products and services.
  • Use a customer-focused, needs-based review process to educate customers about insurance options.
  • Be consistent in follow-up to close and bind business.
  • Build strong relationships with customers and prospects.
  • Maintain a strong work ethic with a total commitment to success each and every day.

Your success will require you to:

  • Possess a competitive sales drive to meet and exceed monthly goals.
  • Prospect and develop leads while continually networking to grow your business.
  • Be self-motivated and fully committed to building a profitable business.
  • Provide excellent customer service and maintain retention.
  • Be an effective communicator both written and verbal.
  • Have a strong desire to educate and support customer’s needs.
  • Have strong organizational skills.

Additional requirements:

  • Sales experience (outside sales or inside sales representative, retail sales associate, or telemarketing) preferred
  • Successful track record of meeting sales goals/quotas preferred
  • Enthusiastic about the role insurance and financial products play in helping people manage the risks of everyday life, recover from the unexpected, and realize their dreams
  • Self-motivated
  • Ability to make presentations to potential customers
  • Ability to conduct interviews in the office and on occasion, in customer’s home or business
  • Current Property & Casualty license preferred,
  • Selected candidate is expected to remain current in product changes, licensing, technical developments, and continuing education.
  • Ability to successfully complete a background check.
  • Possess a valid driver’s license and an acceptable driving record.

If you are motivated to succeed and can see yourself in this role, please email us a resume and cover letter. Candidates who meet our requirements will be contacted for phone screens.
Education Requirements
HS Diploma required; college degree preferred.
About Keslar Insurance:
We are an established, growth-oriented agency with a team of highly motivated individuals. We are recent recipients of Business of the Year from both the Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce and the Newmarket Business Association. If you’re willing to work hard and you expect to get results from yourself and those around you, we want to meet you and talk about the opportunity we have for you. If you are self-motivated, possess an entrepreneurial spirit and have a desire to win and achieve results, please consider joining our team. Our door is open to talented sales professionals with the ambition, initiative, self-determination, strong work ethic, career dedication, and winning attitude.
Products. We offer an array of insurance products and services and these multiple business lines have enabled us to endure rapidly changing trends, an important factor to consider for career stability in a challenging economy. These include: home owners, auto, business/commercial, watercraft, life insurance, and personal umbrella insurance and more.

Company Info
Keslar insurance Agency 55 Main Street, Suite 222. Newmarket, NH 03824
Website: http://www.keslarinsurance.com
Resume and cover letter and compensation goals to: info@keslarinsurance.com


As a Network Marketer- Do you know your insurance risks?

network marketingSo many of our friends and associates have are finding great success in network marketing companies (MLM companies). They are selling jewelry, makeup, health/wellness products and many more great things. For some this is a side-hustle, others are running this like a full time business. But most don’t consider the risk associated.

Some examples include, but certainly are not limited to:

  • A business client is injured slipping on your front porch
  • Your computer is destroyed by a power surge during a lightning storm
  • Customers’ checks are stolen from your home
  • A customer breaks inventory or is injured while you’re exhibiting at a small trade show

Many times, our clients think that there is automatic coverage from their homeowner’s policy for their small home based business / consulting business, however many policies may actually exclude any business pursuits out of the home. However, some companies do offer an additional endorsement that can be added to the policy to cover your home based business personal property such as furnishings, supplies and equipment that are used for the business.

What about liability claims?  Under a typical homeowner’s policy, a claim resulting from any of these common scenarios could easily be denied. Keep in mind, most homeowners and renters policies do not cover liability or damage to property from business activities.

So now what? Ask your agent. See what your homeowner’s policy covers. Learn if there is an endorsement (a change) that can be done to your policy to help provide you better protection. Finally, learn what a business policy may cover and if it would be right for you. They aren’t necessarily inexpensive, but for some, it may be worth the peace of mind.

Some of these decision can be complex. Best way to navigate these waters is to work with a licensed independent insurance agent who can educate you on your options and help you obtain the best coverages at the right price. If you’d like to know more about insurance for your business, we’d be happy to help.  Feel free to reach us at www.keslarinsurance.com or 603-273-0953.

Small or midsized businesses are Most Prone to Cyberattack – How You Can Protect Your Company

internet screen security protection

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Considering that cyberattacks occur every day and cost the global economy a staggering $350 billion plus worldwide*, you would think strategizing to avoid such assaults would be a top priority of all businesses. Incredibly, it is not. In fact, according to a recent survey of 1,377 small and midsize company CEOs** 62% said their firms don’t have an up-to-date or active cybersecurity strategy…or any strategy at all.

That’s a significant problem, given the crippling damage that can occur – the National Cyber Security Alliance recently reported that 60% of small and midsized businesses that get hacked are out of business within six months.

If you’re running a small or midsize business (SMB) you are, plain and simple, at high risk. In fact, the majority of all cyberattacks happen to SMBs. Why? because SMBs tend to:

  • Lack sufficient security measures and trained personnel
  • Hold data that’s valuable to hackers (e.g., credit card numbers, protected health information)
  • Neglect to use an offsite source or third-party service to back up their files or data, making them vulnerable to ransomware
  • Connect to the supply chain of a larger company, and can be leveraged to break in

In 2013, hackers were able to breach Target via a link in their supply chain: a small HVAC company based in Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania. This single event is in large part why so many SMBs are beginning to receive Information Security Questionnaires from their clients today. This is an effort by your clients to ascertain the strength of your information security program and mitigate risk.

SMBs also are prime targets for ransomware, which encrypts company data until a ransom is paid. Why? Unlike many large companies, SMBs often neglect to use an offsite source or third-party service to back up their files or data. In the event of an attack, they almost always need to pay the ransom to decrypt their files.

In addition, the use of social engineering for the propagation of malware is a persistent issue. The success rates and frequency of these types of attacks continues to grow. Social engineering and impostor detection should be included in any comprehensive user awareness training package. It also is important to realize that as great as security awareness training is, it can’t be used in isolation. Even with the best training in the world, your organization will succumb to social engineering tactics if you don’t stem the flow of incoming attacks.

Sensible security measures include controls such as a sophisticated spam filter, which should prevent the majority of simple phishing emails from finding their way into your users’ inboxes. Other measures might include email and attachment scanning, segmented network architecture, and an endpoint security system.

Consider the following steps to start building a cybersecurity strategy that keeps hackers out of your business.

1. Select an information security standard

Before a fortress can be built, the structure must be laid out in blueprints by an architect. You need a detailed plan to properly build your security program. ISO 27001 is an ideal choice due to its flexible, pragmatic approach and global recognition and acceptance.

2. Inventory your assets, determine their value and prioritize those most critical.

Identify the key assets in your company, whether those are databases, customer data, employee records, or intellectual property and determine their value and who is responsible for them.

3. Determine your company’s current cybersecurity risk surface.

Perform a comprehensive risk assessment of the assets to understand the threats, vulnerabilities, likelihood of occurrence and impact if the threats were realized. Work to reduce the risk to a level the organization is comfortable with.

Here are some other best-practice considerations:

  • Remain vigilant; keep up to date on the evolving nature of threats, join a threat-sharing organization (like Infragard)
  • Patch your systems: many recent attacks took advantage of vulnerabilities for which a CVE had already been published
  • Reduce your attack surface: harden the infrastructure, remove unneeded services and programs, close unused or risky ports
  • Employ strong antivirus, email and web filtering
  • Limit administrative rights
  • Segment the network to limit propagation
  • Educate and train your employees; regularly test their awareness

The best defense is a good offense. Make it a priority to protect your data for the benefit of your employees, your customers and the long-term health of your business.

*According to the National Center for the Middle Market (NCMM) at The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business.**Cisco and the National Center for the Middle Market.

Blog graciously provided by our partner:

Darrin Maggy, CISSP |vCISO, Managing Director| Ezentria, Inc | +1 (603) 339-4553 | dmaggy@ezentria.com


Now offering Hartford for Commercial Insurance

TheHartford-LOGOApril 2018– We are happy to announce that we now offer business insurance solutions from The Hartford. “The Hartford is a very reputable brand with solid products to suit many of our customer’s needs. With their Business Owner’s Policies, Worker’s Compensation, Commercial Auto, Commercial Property and General Liability Insurance offerings, we are now even better able to find the best fit for our broad client base,” said David Keslar, President of Keslar Insurance.

About The Hartford: For more than 200 years, The Hartford has helped people prepare for the unexpected, protect what is important to them and prevail through life’s challenges and opportunities. The company’s success comes from their commitment to doing the right thing, while adapting and reinventing to remain relevant and indispensable to our customers. www.thehartford.com

Interested in learning more about The Hartford’s commercial offerings or discussing other business insurance coverages? Please contact us. We offer a large number of solutions for general liability, Business owner’s policy  (BOP), commercial auto, worker’s compensation and more. We have partnered with many leading commercial insurance carriers to make sure we can offer the right products at the right prices.  We’d love to help you! We also offer home, auto and life insurance to provide one stop service of all your insurance needs. www.keslarinsurance.com or 603-273-0953.

Keslar wins Business of the Year from the Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce

Keslar Insurance Business of the Year

Last week, we experienced one of the highlights of our work to date at Keslar Insurance: we were awarded a Business of The Year award from the Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce. When we went to accept the award, I was grateful and I was speechless. I couldn’t articulate why this meant so much to us because so many things were running through my head.

When we started Keslar Insurance, we had already run a successful insurance agency for many years.  When we decided to work in the Seacoast area, we set our goal to always to be a integral part of our community. We wanted to provide value and make an impact every day.

First, we wanted to make sure we were always giving back. We focus on giving our time to those organizations around us where we feel we can make a direct impact, using our skills and experience.  For instance, we love supporting small business. Our volunteering with the Newmarket Business Association and the Exeter Area Chamber allows us to work with our friends and neighbors striving to support their business success. Our work with UNH Paul College and Great Bay Community College allows us to help young people who want to join the workforce be better prepared for success!

We also work to contribute to local organizations focused around kids and families. We focus on volunteering for local kids sports programs either as coaches or serving on boards. We wanted to make sure we made time to volunteer for groups like Lions clubs, as we know what a positive impact their organization makes to so many in the world around us.

There are so many good things we can do, but there are only so many hours in the day to volunteer. So, we have decided that as we can create a successful business, we can help provide sponsorship some really amazing local charities and non-profits that really help those in need – right  in our own backyard. To make sure that was a permanent part of our culture, we created our Keslar Cares program from day one, as we wanted it to be a part of the fabric of our business as we grow.

To run a successful business we need to provide exceptional service to our customers.   We always strive to find ways to continually improve: to always do better for our customers. We try to always work to find ways to better protect customers, to give real value for customers, to provide more education, and to make it easier to work with us. We want to make sure our employees live by these same goals and values- striving to do good for others in ways where they can make the best impact too.

So, I guess this is a long-winded way to say that to be recognized by the Exeter Chamber as one of their award recipients, it tells us we are working in the right direction. It confirms for us that we should do more volunteering.  We should continue to provide support of those local groups who really do good right were we live and work.  It means to us that when you do good, good comes back to you.

We thank those who nominated us for the award. We thank those who selected us for the award. We thank all those who have supported us: those who have become customers, those who give us referrals, those who have become friends and work with us directly and indirectly. We are so fortunate to spend each day with such amazing people in the community in which we are so fortunate to spend each day.


Lisa Keslar

Brendan Jorgensen now Licensed P&C Agent for Keslar Insurance Agency



Brendan JorgensenKeslar Insurance Agency is pleased to announce that Brendan Jorgensen is now a licensed property and casualty agent in NH and ME. He is now able to fully support home, auto and business insurance.

“We are excited to see Brendan move to this next level in his career with us. We are confident that he will provide exceptional service throughout the relationship with our customers.” said Lisa Keslar of Keslar Insurance.

Brendan is a resident of Newmarket,  where he and his wife are raising their two children. He’s very active in the community including working with the Newmarket Business Association and the BeFree Community Church.

Learn more about Brendan.

About Keslar Insurance

Keslar Insurance Agency is a full service provider of residential and commercial insurance products in New Hampshire and Maine. Keslar Insurance makes sure clients have the right insurance products to protect the most important things in life-family, possessions and business. Keslar Insurance employees focus on providing the kind of service and value we’d expect for ourselves and our families. Our products which include Homeowners insurance, Auto, Life, Umbrella, Renters, Landlord, Boat, Snowmobile, ATV, Flood, Commercial Auto, Business Owner’s Policies, General Liability, Worker’s compensation, motor home, camper and more. For more information visit: www.keslarinsurance.com.


Keslar Insurance Offers Philadelphia Insurance Products

philadelphia logo 2

Keslar Insurance is proud to announce they have added Philadelphia Insurance to their insurance product offering. Philadelphia will be a key partner in Keslar’s offering of commercial insurance solutions. 

“We are so excited to add Philadelphia Insurance to our already impressive list of carriers,” said Lisa Keslar of Keslar Insurance. “They offer an impressive list of quality insurance solutions for our commercial clients. We believe this addition will allow us to provide exceptional coverages for almost any business that comes to us to service their insurance needs.”

 About Philadelphia Insurance

Philadelphia Insurance Companies designs, markets, and underwrites commercial property/casualty and professional liability insurance products incorporating value added coverages and services for select industries. The Company is rated “A++” (Superior) by A.M. Best Company and “AA-” for counterparty credit and financial strength by Standard & Poor’s. In business for over 50 years, PHLY is nationally recognized as a member of Ward’s Top 50, one of the Best Places to Work in Insurance, and one of the Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America. The organization has more than 50 offices strategically located across the United States to provide superior service. For more information, please visit www.PHLY.com.

Want more information?

If you are interested in learning more about Philadelphia’s offerings or discussing other business insurance coverages please contact us.  We’d love to help you! www.keslarinsurance.com or 603-273-0953