Keslar wins Business of the Year from the Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce

Keslar Insurance Business of the Year

Last week, we experienced one of the highlights of our work to date at Keslar Insurance: we were awarded a Business of The Year award from the Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce. When we went to accept the award, I was grateful and I was speechless. I couldn’t articulate why this meant so much to us because so many things were running through my head.

When we started Keslar Insurance, we had already run a successful insurance agency for many years.  When we decided to work in the Seacoast area, we set our goal to always to be a integral part of our community. We wanted to provide value and make an impact every day.

First, we wanted to make sure we were always giving back. We focus on giving our time to those organizations around us where we feel we can make a direct impact, using our skills and experience.  For instance, we love supporting small business. Our volunteering with the Newmarket Business Association and the Exeter Area Chamber allows us to work with our friends and neighbors striving to support their business success. Our work with UNH Paul College and Great Bay Community College allows us to help young people who want to join the workforce be better prepared for success!

We also work to contribute to local organizations focused around kids and families. We focus on volunteering for local kids sports programs either as coaches or serving on boards. We wanted to make sure we made time to volunteer for groups like Lions clubs, as we know what a positive impact their organization makes to so many in the world around us.

There are so many good things we can do, but there are only so many hours in the day to volunteer. So, we have decided that as we can create a successful business, we can help provide sponsorship some really amazing local charities and non-profits that really help those in need – right  in our own backyard. To make sure that was a permanent part of our culture, we created our Keslar Cares program from day one, as we wanted it to be a part of the fabric of our business as we grow.

To run a successful business we need to provide exceptional service to our customers.   We always strive to find ways to continually improve: to always do better for our customers. We try to always work to find ways to better protect customers, to give real value for customers, to provide more education, and to make it easier to work with us. We want to make sure our employees live by these same goals and values- striving to do good for others in ways where they can make the best impact too.

So, I guess this is a long-winded way to say that to be recognized by the Exeter Chamber as one of their award recipients, it tells us we are working in the right direction. It confirms for us that we should do more volunteering.  We should continue to provide support of those local groups who really do good right were we live and work.  It means to us that when you do good, good comes back to you.

We thank those who nominated us for the award. We thank those who selected us for the award. We thank all those who have supported us: those who have become customers, those who give us referrals, those who have become friends and work with us directly and indirectly. We are so fortunate to spend each day with such amazing people in the community in which we are so fortunate to spend each day.


Lisa Keslar


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