Keslar insurance: The Realtor’s Resource

house for sale signWe have years of experience working closely with our Realtor partners. We understand that ensuring that the home buyers have home owners insurance is one more thing that needs to get done as part of a bigger home buying process and can become a headache if not handled correctly. Therefore, we have formalized our commitment to supporting our professional partners.

How we help our Realtor partners:

  1. Accessibility:  We understand that your customers want quick responses and so do you. Service is everything. If someone reaches out to Keslar Insurance, you can be certain we will respond, quickly, often as necessary, at the time and in the manner your customers desire- same goes for you when you reach out to us!
  2. Communication: We want to partner with you. With our mutual clients permission, we will make sure we keep you in the loop as your customer’s quotes and policies come into effect so you can check those boxes off before your closings.
  3. Education:  As specialists, our obligation is to know insurance. We can be your resource on issues that can impact any coverages on homes you are selling or your buyers are buying.  If you are looking for a quick general answer or a detailed explanation, we have years of experience asking the right questions and providing the right answers to help you feel confident that issues are addressed correctly.
  4. Marketing Support: We want this to be a partnership. We are interested to work with you on your marketing/networking etc.  We actively create relevant blog posts, social media posts and more that you are welcome to share with your customers and prospects.  Topics include Vacant properties, moving related insurance questions, builder’s risk policies and so much more. The goal: to help position you with your contacts as a “thought leader” in all aspects of their buying/selling process. Also, Let’s keep in touch about networking opportunities,  first time buyer seminars, creation of marketing materials to allow you to reach prospects and customers presenting us as part of your support team.

How we help your customers:

  1. Exceptional service. We pride ourselves in treating our customers the way we want to be treated.  A real person answers the phone. We answer questions, respond quickly and thoroughly to all communications, and reach out immediately when we need to communicate with our customers. We follow up regularly and stay in touch with our customers. This includes annual insurance reviews as well periodic check-ins throughout the year.
  2. Insurance Knowledge. We have years of experience which allows us to know details about insurance products and coverages so we can not only make sure our customers are adequately protected, but we can educate them on what they really need and why they need it so they can be confident that they are getting the right coverages at the right prices.
  3. Provide a broad range of carrier options. As an independent agency, we are able to work on the behalf of our clients. This means we research the right products for them from our vast carrier network. We have partnered over a 12 of the leading national and regional carriers in the area, those with solid ratings, resulting in the opportunity to place customers with the right “fit” based upon their personal needs. This includes single family, multi-family, condo, landlord’s, renters, mobile home and so much more.
  4. Internet based for customer convenience.  We are not your old-fashioned insurance agency. We don’t have big file cabinets in our offices. Instead we use technology to streamline the work for our customers. All our files are online which allows our customers to use our online support center to review policies, get ID cards and place change requests. We also offer online quoting for home and auto policies so clients have 24/7 access to quotes as well. We provide e-signature options for client convenience so they can complete all paperwork effortlessly from their phones or computers. We also have electronic payment options for additional convenience.
  5. Licensed in NH and ME. We are able to provide comprehensive insurance options in both New Hampshire and Maine so we can help wherever your customers live.

We sincerely appreciate your consideration to be your insurance partner. We’d love to build a relationship with you that helps foster success of your business. To discuss this further, we can be reached at 603-273-0953 or





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