Providence Mutual now available at Keslar Insurance Agency

Providence Mutual Logo.jpg

We are pleased to announce that we now offer personal and business insurance solutions from Providence Mutual!

Founded in 1800,  Providence Mutual provides personal and commercial insurance protection to more than 70,000 policyholders in New England, New York and New Jersey. As a mutual insurance company, Providence Mutual is accountable to policyholders, and manages its operations with their best interests in mind.  The corporate structure allows the organization to take a longer-term approach to market considerations and pricing concerns. This results in a more stable and secure market for policyholders.

Business: As a small business owner in NH or ME, we know how hard you’ve worked to build and grow your business.  In times of need, you need to trust that your insurance company will be there. Well, you can count on Providence Mutual. Because that’s what they’ve been doing for our commercial customers for over two centuries.

Personal: Why buy your home, condo and auto insurance from Providence Mutual?  The answer is simple.  You get the coverage you need with the claims and customer service you deserve at a competitive price. We provide robust options in both NH and ME

When you combine the longevity and value of the Providence Mutual products with the service and expertise from Keslar Insurance, you can rest assured that you and your property are secure and well cared for.  If you’d like to learn more about Providence Mutual’s products or discuss any other insurance needs, please reach out to us. or 603-273-0953.


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