Do you plow on a city or state road? You auto insurance may not cover you

snow plowIf you do plow city or state roads, you need to tell your insurance agent and make sure you have the right types of coverages in the right amounts. Why?  Insurance companies look at this risk slightly differently than if you were only plowing individual homeowner’s driveways. Therefore, many insurers DO NOT cover plows that plow on state or town owned roads. Additionally, many state and local laws require you to have snow plow insurance prior to receiving a permit to operate a snow plow for business purposes. Many states have insurance requirements for vehicles operated on public roads that make snow plow insurance necessary.

No matter where you plow, having a commercial auto insurance policy that includes snow plow insurance is important, especially if you use a snow plow for business purposes; it is an essential part of your commercial policy.

Determining how much snow plow coverage to put on your commercial auto insurance policy and what gets covered depends on many different factors; contact your independent insurance agent today to see if you are covered! Call us today if you have an additional questions on your current auto insurance coverage. Feel free to reach us at or 603-273-0953.



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