How to Protect Yourself from Social Media Insurance Claims

umbrella insurance in NH and MEWhen you are active on social media, there is a risk that your posts may be taken negatively. As social media interaction has become commonplace in our society, people who post on social media are becoming more prone to getting sued. What you say on social media may seem fine to you, but someone else may feel that your statement has injured them and they can then file a lawsuit against you.

We are familiar with the concept of insurance protecting you from bodily injury. The reality is that a person can also suffer “personal injury;” non-physical injuries including false arrest and violation of privacy and claims related to social media posts. The standard homeowner’s policy does not cover these claims. Once something is posted on social media, your words instantly become public and if they cross the line from casual observation to defamation, you may be threatened with a lawsuit. For example, someone may perceive your post as an invasion of their privacy which could lead to a lawsuit against you. Since the target has not suffered any bodily injury, your homeowner’s policy will not cover you. You end up having to pay for any legal defense costs, settlements or damages.

In these situations, you should consider an umbrella policy which provides coverage that the standard homeowner’s policy lacks. With the addition of an umbrella policy, it may offer you extra liability insurance to help protect you from these major claims and lawsuits and will help protect your assets and your future. When you have a costly claim that exceeds the limits of your homeowner’s policy, coverage under your umbrella will often kick in for other types of claims too. 

Since children and teenagers are usually frequent social media users, it is important to consider additional coverage for personal injury. We’ve all seen or heard first hand about some of the things our teens are doing on social media. They often do not have the judgment to evaluate the posts before the are publicly displayed. With an umbrella policy, you and other members of your household will be more likely to be covered from lawsuits against you due to social media claims.

Call us today if you have an additional questions the risks of social media insurance claims, homeowner’s insurance coverage and umbrella insurance policies. Feel free to reach us at or 603-273-0953.


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