Salvage Title Auto Insurance

Have you purchased a car with a Salvaged Title? Need to find insurance for it? Many insurance companies will only offer limited coverage for salvage cars or will not insure them at all.

A salvage vehicle is considered a vehicle that an insurance company determines that the cost of the repairs is greater than the value of the car. In most states, the DMV must be notified that the car has been totaled; the car will then be issued a ‘salvage title’ notifying buyers that an insurance company has considered the car a ‘salvage vehicle.’ In many states it can be hard to get a legal title, registration, and insurance for a salvaged car.

Many car insurance companies will not insure a salvaged car. Some may provide insurance but may limit the coverage by only providing liability insurance or excluding coverage related to the original damage of the car. Call us today if you have any additional questions on salvaged title car insurance, or any other insurance. Feel free to reach us at or 603-273-0953.


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