Did you know you have medical insurance on your auto policy?

car insurance medical payments

Many people do not realize that they have medical payments coverage on their auto insurance. These coverages are very important, and can be very helpful to you financially, if you do have an incident that pertains. Some scenarios where medical payments coverage may kick in to help cover expenses:

  • Passengers are hurt while driving, or a family member is driving
  • You’re injured as a passenger in someone else’s car
  • You’re struck by a car while walking or cycling
  • You require dental care after an accident
  • You require extended nursing services or hospitalization while rehabilitating
  • You require prosthetic limbs
  • Funeral expenses

What about that health insurance you already have?

In some cases, this auto insurance coverage can:

  • Help cover your health plan’s deductible.
  • Help cover things that aren’t included in all health plans. If you have Medicare or Medicaid, for example, medical expenses related to a car accident may not be covered.
  • Kick in after your health insurance limits are exceeded, or if your health insurance plan doesn’t cover injuries related to car accidents.

Examples of how medical coverage works:

Example 1: You’re driving in your lane when an out-of-control SUV runs you off the road. Your car looks fine, but your arm really hurts after it hit the steering wheel. Your wife, who was riding with you, hit her forehead on the side window and now has a huge lump and a bad headache.

If you chose Medical Payments coverage and selected a $2,000 limit, your insurance would likely pay the $1,000 charge to have your arm x-rayed and the $750 for your wife’s doctor visit. Since each of your expenses was less than your $2,000 per-person limit, Medical Payments coverage could possibly cover those costs.

Example 2: Your daughter accidentally slams the car door on your hand. Fortunately, you selected Medical Payments coverage with a $1,000 limit. Your total bill for an x-ray and cast is $1,500. Medical Payments from your auto insurance will likely cover $1,000 of the bill, and you will be responsible for the remaining $500.

If you’d like more information about Medical coverages that are part of your current auto insurance policy, please reach out to your licensed agent or please feel free to call us at www.keslarinsurance.com 603-273-0953. We’d love to help.


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