New! Full Customer Service Center on for 24/7 support

online customer service center Keslar insurance

Keslar Insurance Agency 24/7 online customer service center.

Keslar Insurance, is happy to announce that they now offer a full Customer Service Center on our website for all of our clients. It provides customers with 24/7 access to personal policy documents and policy ID cards, allows individuals to add claims information, and provides easy access to policies from anywhere. Customers can take advantage of this online center and have the ability to print and share confidential documents online in a secure and easy way. You can request information updates and policy changes, and view coverages being offered; you can quickly expand policies to see details of the coverages. This service included on our website makes sure that you are safe and that your privacy is protected; logins are verified and unique each time you log in to keep your personal documents and information secure. The Customer Service Center offers a safe environment for individuals; personal information is safe and you can feel at ease when navigating through our site or submitting information for an insurance quote. “Our goal is to provide our customers with cutting edge technologies and service. This new web-based Customer Service Center is one more way we can make our customer’s lives simpler” said Lisa Keslar of Keslar Insurance Agency. To learn more about our online Customer Service Center, visit our website today:


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