Marketers/Business owners: Check your insurance before sponsoring your local Little League Team

general liability business sports team sponsorship NH ME

Sponsoring local sports team may require updates to your business insurance

As a marketer, you are bombarded with opportunities to sponsor the local little league or soccer teams, baseball, football or other children’s sport teams.  This is an excellent opportunity to build brand while doing a good deed in your community. Depending on your target market, it just may make sense for all these reasons:

  • Target specific market segments
  • Build relationships with consumers by aligning a brand with an athlete/team
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Enhance image through association with winning athletes/teams
  • Advertising for the business
  • Promotes public goodwill
  • Fosters contacts that can lead to more customers

But one caution- before you go forward, check with your insurance agent. Sound surprising? The reason is that your general liability policy may have gap of coverage that doesn’t adequately protect all the risk exposures.  An endorsement may be needed to keep your business safe in the event that anything happens. If needed, this can often be a simple step. Call your agent before signing the contract and make sure you’re protected. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions as well at


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