Personal Liability Insurance, what does it cover?

Accidents happen…and there are plenty of attorneys who specialize in recovering for victims whenever they do. Litigation has become a fact of life. Anyone with assets must take steps to protect what has taken so long to acquire. For most people, the front line in the war to protect assets is home or rent insurance.

Liability coverage pays when you are legally obligated for damages that occurred as the result of something that happened on your property (your neighbor slipped and fell on your entryway rug, for instance). It also covers damages caused by your personal activities (hit a baseball through your neighbor’s double-paned window). This coverage would pay the claims as well as a lawyer to defend you in the event of a lawsuit. In addition to protection for claims and lawsuits arising out of non-auto incidents that occur at your premises, these policies often provide protection for incidents that occur off the premises.

Keep in mind that unlike other coverage in your policy, liability insurance does not have a deductible. There is no amount that you must first pay before your insurer picks up the tab.


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