Why Join a Snowmobile Club

Here are the top 5 reasons as to why you should join a local snowmobile club.

5.  You can save money on your state snowmobile registration.  Most states offer discounts on snowmobile registrations if you belong to a local snowmobile club.

4. Your financial support to the local club helps pay for the cost to groom and care for the local trail system is expensive.

3. Help maintain the trails.  Many members of local clubs volunteer their time to repair, groom and maintain the local trails.  There are many opportunities for members to volunteer their time to support the local club and the trails.

2. Social outlet.  Snowmobilers are a very social group and have a strong love for their sport.  You will be able to meet many new people and be a part of a orginaztion that is passionate and works very hard to preserve the sport of snowmobiling.

1.  It’s the right thing to do.  If you ride the trails you should participate in helping with maintaining the trails.

Please drive responsible and respect the landowners.  DO NOT LITTER.


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